Amadeo’s first show in the United States

January 17 and 18, 2015 marked the first competition in the United States for Amadeo III (possibly the first time ever in a competitive dressage arena).  He competed in Third level at the Houston Dressage Society Winter show in Katy, Texas.  Saturday was a bit of a struggle.  Amadeo had a beautiful warm-up and was ready to go.  When Marta directed him into the arena, he started well, but just before the initial salute to the judge the other horses left the arena.  He got nervous at finding himself suddenly alone.  He made several errors due to his nervousness (and don’t they always seem to be the one that has the higher score?).  Even with the mistakes, Amadeo had a respectable score over 60.  Sunday looked much the same, and even though the arena again was empty for his ride, this time it didn’t bother him.  Amadeo had fewer mistakes and gave a ride that showed much more of his potential.  He ended up with a score of 68.59 which put him in second place.  I can’t wait to see what Amadeo will do when he gets used to the shows and all of the chaos.  Either way, this boy is on his way to the top!