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The Godinez Family
Twila’s dream has always been to raise and show horses.  As a child, she worked mostly with Quarter Horses and Appaloosas.  She won many local shows in Western Pleasure, Showmanship at Halter, and Barrel Racing.  She only knew about Andalusians and Friesians from TV and magazines.  Read a story about Twila’s early inspiration here.

Twila with Jajan

Isaias grew up in Mexico where he used horses to help gather hay for his family’s dairy cattle.  The “Spanish horse” was the most popular mount for jaripeos and dancing.  When the family began to look for horses to breed, the Andalusian was top of the list.  Twila and Isaias have one son, Isaac.  Their niece, Laura, lives with the family as well.

Isaias with Jorik Kula

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