Breeding Services

We offer a wide variety of equine reproductive services at Rancho Godinez including artificial insemination, semen collection, freezing of semen, and insemination with frozen semen.  We also offer stud services for our stallions.  Please contact us if you would like more information at

Artificial Insemination (you are providing semen):
$150 Cooled Semen (each cycle)
$500 Frozen Semen (each cycle)
$100 per week board for each mare
May have an additional charge if I have to coordinate shipping.

Semen processes and fees:
Clean-out Collection  = $100 (one time only when breeding for the first time after more than a week rest)
Training stallion to breeding dummy = $500 (up to three collections…some stallions need more. If they need more than three collections, we will discuss pricing.)
Test Freeze = $500 (we test several different freezing protocols to see which works best for that particular stallion)
Cooled semen testing = $300 (test raw semen in several extenders to see which is best for Cooled semen shipment – you must know the stallion’s best extender in order to freeze well)
Collection for shipping cooled or immediate insemination – $150 (does not include insemination nor actual shipping costs)
Collection and Freeze = $250 (should produce enough semen for several mares…we can give a good estimate when we do the test freeze)
Boarding during collection = $100 a week
Semen storage = $100 per year (up to 100 straws)
Handling fee = $25 (each shipment of frozen semen. This does not include actual shipping costs.)

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